Saturday, March 28, 2009

maestro primero

No. This is not a spanish blog, not that there would be anything wrong with that. It just feels eerily similiar to the first day I tried to teach pre-civil war US history to my bilingual 7th graders. My brain saying to me, "ummm... even if they understand my ramblings, do they truly comprehend it? Do they even care?"

At least, that is what I find myself asking myself every day, multiple times, "Who cares?"

We all deal with the political bullshit of our jobs, families, and other semi-complex social situations. But...

Are we advancing?
Are we learning anything?
Does it matter?

I contemplate much, forget most, and learn little from these day to day encounters.

Then, as I leave my one world behind and tromp to the iron death box for the roller coster ride down town, I take a break from the adventures and hardships of Lewis and Clark.

I glance at the people who have decided to fill this subway car at the exact time that I briefly inhabit it. Who are they?

Life is taking place: the young mothers are plying their child with cheetos and chocalate milk, all the while texting a life they wish they had. The night shift worker with the off gray dusty carhart and mud crusted timberlands is snoring. His head is nodding like he is agreeing with the shaken, but not stirred dream he's having...........

Okay...that's all I've got for now....

Yes. I have made some errors, and my thoughts have just dribbled out. I will hone my talents and hopefully come back to you soon with a more directed vision of the human soul. Till then, remember evolution is revolution. It has just started.