Thursday, September 20, 2012

A clearing in the woods

Blank page. Blank mind. Finally. Who would have thought this was life was like? A series of challenges, solutions, and more challenges. People come into your life and depart, leaving nothing but a whisper through the pines and a manipulated memory of something that does not exist anymore. The present and the future is anything that we can create, it can be misery or excitement. Our thoughts and emotions weave us a life would attract in the next moment. I remember as a child going for a walk in the woods, the adventure, something new around every tree, every brush, a hidden stream, a rabbit scampering from a hawk above. I once tripped and hurt my ankle, but thats besides the point. Every time I would go for one of these hikes I would eventually come upon a clearing. I place that was free from anything except high grass and a blue sky. Although this place lacked the excitement of surprise or disappointment, it was a place to catch my breath, take a deep breath and feel the warm sun on my face. Coming from the shade of the woods into the clearing the sun would kiss my forehead like it was the first time.