Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Journey Inside

What does the journey towards self-awareness teach us about ourselves? When I look inside to the center of my mind, body and soul what do I see?

I feel a warm glowing green light; I always have. There were points in my life when it was a dull hue. It was once a bright universe that over-whelmed the very essence of who I was, am and will be. It is the essence that has traveled with me from the very beginning of my soul. My soul has been around for centuries waiting for a moment in time such as this one when I could truly understand who I am, what I want, and my purpose for existence.

In past lives I was a great person; a warrior and a healer. I was a person who made a difference. But obviously there is still something I was missing, a challenge I either had yet to face, or I've faced and have failed, or had not seen.

Now I'm in my vortex, feeling the true vibration of my being. Its glorious. Everything that I have dreamed of is within my grasp. I just have to take that final step to reach that next level of existence.

At this moment in time the past and the future play no role in my journey. All that counts is this moment in time that feels like a twisting stream of green energy throughout every part of my physical and non-physical being. It is a universe that is ever expanding and reacting to the various worlds and objects that I come in contact with, that are within my orbit.

I have a vision of what my life is and what is going to become and I am content that I am where I want to be. Will there be challenges? Yes, of course, for after all, I chose this life. Today, it is just a matter of how I face those challenges. I choose to face them in a positive allowing act of inertial; like a river not breaking stride in the midst of rapids.

Every experience has brought me to this point of time. Every experience has taught me a valuable lesson. I do not regret. I give gratitude to every experience that I have passed through.

I have learned to recognize passion and true love. I have learned to truly listen and be a compassionate friend. I have learned to forgive past misfortunes and release my restrictions. I have learned that my voice has meaning and my soul is allowed to feel joy and sorrow. I embrace all these aspects of who I am. I embrace life now and forever.

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