Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Human Experience

What is the human experience?

We basically have 80 years of life to suffer and enjoy all. What connects us is empathetic, sympathetic, or envious situations; and that applies to both suffering and joyous occasions.

I had an interview yesterday. Most of you can relate to the interview experience: making sure your shoes are just right (which no one looks at), making sure your breath doesn't smell like stale coffee, and making sure your hands don't have that layer of nervous sweat.

I arrived a half hour early, sat down, heart fluttering like a humming bird. I reviewed all the little tidbits of information that might give me that slight edge, or so I'd convinced myself. I took some slow deep breaths to calm the mind, disillusioning myself into a sense of calm.

"Oh, you're here! Please fill this out, we'll be right with you." I now prepared to have my whole life examined; a mere 32 years disected in a matter of minutes. Would these strangers really see the true me? Probably not, but hopefully they'll get a glimpse.

Like a dream it begins without warning or preface; hands shake, introductions made and slightly forgotten amidst the stifling situation. "What was your name again?" I asked; the first crack in my stoicism appears.

The questions and answers swing by like a awkward pendulum, some expected, some not. The probing of the soul continues, the spotlight in the interogation room, senses sharp, now becoming dull.

"Thank you Mr. Madman!" Is that a real smile, or just courtesy? Its like the end of a first date; is the kiss on the cheek true affection or a farewell peck? Mind swirling like a tornado I get up and leave, hoping not to trip and break my soul.

The next part is the hard part, the ping-pong game of going back and forth between I nailed it and I failed miserably; and no matter how strong some of us pretend to be, we all experience this part.

The human experience often involves periods of time when we sleep on the thorns while hoping for the petals. This shared experience binds us all together for better or worse, probably a dash of both.

Cheers!! Hears to the journey!! May it be long and filled with experience.


ConverseMomma said...

It will be as it is suppose to be, and not matter what...we will be in it together.

I'm sure you nailed it.

Anonymous said...

Just remember- you're interviewing them just as much as they are you! Did they measure up? I wish you luck on the search for meaningful employment. It is hard, despite my fresh tone, to feel so vulnerable.

Syd said...

I haven't been interviewed in so long but when I interview others I find that those with the honest answers who are sincere are the ones that I gravitate towards.

Louise said...

I came here via your wife. You both amuse me and are excellent writers!

I hope the interview works out for the best. When I look back at school, I wonder why I was so stupid that I couldn't see things for what they were. Why did I put up with the really awful teacher, etc? It's because I was a kid and didn't realize it could be any different. But an interview can make one feel just like and awkward elementary school student again. Hope so very much it is worth it.

Rikkij said...

If you past Kelly's scrutiny, any other encounter will be a breeze! I'm sure you nailed it. Thanks for sharin the experience. ~Rick

flutter said...

You're gold, no worries.

Kathi D said...

I hope if it's the right place for you that you'll end up there.

I hate interviews!

Woman in a Window said...

First of all, 32, lawdy lawdy lawdy she cries into her shawl...Secondly, don't you just wish all interviews involved either a plate of nachos, which are messy and put everyone on the same level, or or or, chicken wings, ya, extra sauce. Or beer. Yes. Beer. Why can't we all just get over ourselves and be allowed to be real? YOU deserve it. I've been told all about you. Umha!

Ramblings of a Madman said...

I think that would be a perfect interview, the messier the better; and maybe a few shots for the hell of it.

Jaina said...

Good luck! I hope you nailed it! Very well written, I must say. And you're absolutely right about everyone having that experience. It's not much fun, but, I suppose it's necessary.

Anonymous said...

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