Saturday, May 14, 2011


Recently certain events have transformed my life in ways that I never would have imagined. My expectations of divorce, while married, were a total destruction of me. I felt as though I would be lost in a life that doesn't belong to me. I have found the complete opposite. I have found myself, for maybe the first time ever. I have found a strength and a balance that I always knew was there--but never came out. It is both peaceful and exciting. It might be cliche, but I see the world as one big opportunity and not as four walls closing in on me.

I have been on a journey that has taught me how to live through meditation and intellectual stimulation. Through a brief cognitive metamorphosis I have realized that a greater change in society is possible. Sustainability, or maybe even a reversal in the destruction of this planet is not only a must, but a possibility.

I try every day to apply what I've learned through meditation to everyday life--to detach my mind from the reality that surrounds me. Oddly enough I feel as though going through this process brings me closer to those things that I'm detaching from; maybe gaining a better perspective on what they really are, or what their purpose really is.

By doing this I see a world full of dichotomy and gluttony. No one is to blame. When I see these things I, strangely, don't get mad or sad. I see the opportunity for change. I hear people talk about how they are slaves to their jobs and how the only reason that they work is to pay bills. Les masses sont m├ęcontentes.

Our way of life works us to death; literally--and this is in the glutinous Western world that has everything to begin with!! There has to be a way to live that satisfies everyone. Where everyone has satisfying lives, where the planet and other species are treated with respect and where war and violence are bedtime stories.

The more time I spend on this journey the more I realize that the path that I'm traveling on is no accident. Is it a coincidence or a glimmer of fate? Lets see what tomorrow holds.

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